Why Should You Get in Touch With a Solar Panel Company?

A technology that has long eluded us

Solar power was invented by Charles Fritts in the early 1800’s after many trials and tribulations when he got the first solar photovoltaic cell or solar panel as we know it today out of his humble workshop and converted solar energy from the Sun into solar power, with his crude contraptions which were called solar systems, that helped to light up an electric light bulb.

Since then we have been dilly-dallying for more than 200 years without still being able to get our act together by mass-producing at affordable prices, the ultimate in solar systems that could harness the optimum solar energy and convert it into solar power.

The Potential for Solar Energy

The Sun disburses a colossus amount of solar energy. Energy is quantified in units of “joules,” but the Sun’s solar energy that is spent is so enormous that it is measured in “Exajoules. To the layman, an “Exajoule” is 1,000,000,000,000 joules or a million of millions, joules.

It is indeed mind-boggling and beyond comprehension, but if we could harness just a fraction of this we could run our glorious planet, with all the energy we would need as green and clean and make it the paradise it was when Adam and Eve were banished from “Heaven.”

Installing a Solar System

Solar systems offered by a solar panel company of which the most space consuming component are the solar panels could be conveniently installed anywhere as long as it is fully exposed to the Sun’s solar energy, typically when installed for domestic use they are conveniently fixed on rooftops which would solve the problems of space constraints.

Insubstantial commercial installations the solar panels are placed on the ground which enables easy cleaning of the panels which is a critical objective in the maintenance of the complete solar system, as grime or dust-covered solar panels would not perform to optimum efficiency.

It is mandatory to ensure that there is no direct hindrance to the Sun’s solar energy falling on the panels because if that happens efficiency would definitely drop and the optimum efficiency from the panels would not be forthcoming to the whole solar system which has been installed.

Connecting to The Grid

It is imperative that all solar power produced is transferred to the Grid which is a mandatory and legislated requirement and covered under a legal umbrella and to do so there is no specified distance between the grid and the solar system.

The supply of power is generally under the auspices of the regulators who are invariably an integral part of any government anywhere in the world because power, which we popularly refer to as electricity, is a significant component of governance and no government would want to relinquish that right.