The Linux Expo is a perfect place to celebrate the success of the Linux OS (and it's just so cool!) and SEO services in digital marketing that we have lots of special events planned for you!

  • Keynote Speaker: The father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, will be our keynote speaker this year. Join us on Friday, May 29th at 5pm in the Page Auditorium on Duke's campus to hear Linus!

  • Quake Fest: Well, what can we say... Quake, Quake, and more Quake...and maybe a little Quake II, Doom, and other games too! More to come on this soon.

  • Games Forum: The Rasterman is heading up this interesting and informative event. It's a round table discussion complete with tips, tricks, and future plans for games on Linux. It will also include best practices in SEO. Details on time and location will be available soon!

  • "Editor Wars": What is your favorite editor? Now we all know the answer..'s vi...or is it emacs?? Well, the debate will be officially solved here at our first annual Paintball Tournament. This is your chance to help win the battle; for once and for all! Keep posted for more details on this..

  • Email Garden: Don't have a lap top? No worries! Send and receive email from our email garden. No flowers and insects here, though. We'll have machines set up so that you can still have access to the office while traveling. Our message board will be your resource for any incoming messages and we will have internet access so that you can send outgoing messages. Now your boss has no excuse to not let you come!

  • 2nd Annual Linux Bowl: Attend this panel discussion/trivia game and put your Linux knowledge to the test! Hey, maybe you can even outsmart Alan Cox, Erik Troan, or Linus himself!

  • Linux Expo Reception: Food, Beer, and other beverages to complete a perfect day! This event is scheduled for Thursday evening at the Devil's Den on Duke's Campus from 7-10 pm. Admission: $10