Roofing Seo Myths

It’s always funny when we are reading the comments of novice SEOers about roofing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not want to say that we might be a great SEO expert or, but indeed we may have long studied the developments and changes that occur in SEO, and many are not in accordance with some of the myths circulating among SEO players. In the world of online marketing (especially SEO), this often happens.

For example, a company spends a lot of time optimizing their own website, but it turns out they did it the wrong way. Or someone in the online marketing industry made a false statement about SEO, making his company look incompetent. In fact, many false myths about SEO. Beginners often blame changes to the Search Engine (Google) Algorithm which is updated regularly. In fact, some people have mentioned that the update of Google’s search engine algorithm is just a trick for Google to satisfy advertisers on Google Adwords. Actually, webmaster blog tools have warned webmasters to properly optimize their website. One of them is a warning/prohibition regarding the practice of buying and selling links to other people to get Page Rank (PR) to increase the awareness of your roofing brand.